What Is A Doppelganger And How Can You Find Yours

Doppelganger definition

What is the meaning of the word doppelganger? The word itself is German for “look-alike” or “double walker” or “ghostly double” and was originally used to mean the ghost or shadow of a person. In modern times, it simply means that a person looks similar or is identical to another person.

In the past, doppelgangers referred to a wraith or apparition that would cast no shadows and be an exact replica or double of a living person. Many believed that these were omens of bad luck or impending death. If a friend or relative had to see the doppelganger of a person, it was said that illness or danger could be expected by that person but if you saw your own doppelganger, it was said to be a sign that your death is near.

Some people believe that there is another explanation that is much more mysterious and that is bilocation. Bilocation is a psychic projection of your entire self to another place. Some have said that the phantom self of you could even interact with other people.

In many other traditions and stories, the doppelganger is normally recognized as an evil twin.

Doppelgangers are a mysterious identical replica of a living person. It’s not just someone that resembles you but is a carbon copy of you from the way you talk, act and walk to the way you dress. Even if you can prove you weren’t at the same place your doppelganger was spotted, friends and relatives will even swear that it was you.

This man met his doppelganger after being randomly seated next to him on a Ryanair flight

Neil Douglas was shocked to discover his twin brother from a different mother, Robert Stirling, on the flight from Stansted to Shannon Airport, County Clare. The photograph, has been shared nearly 2,500 times, shows the strangers with strikingly similar bushy ginger beards, smiles, and hairstyles. (Source)

Can you find your doppelganger?

Finding a doppelganger, who is nearly or completely your double, but with no biological connection, is extremely rare. Finding your doppelganger is a one in a TRILLION chance, researchers say.

If by chance you get told that there is a doppelganger of you out there, it’s not something to worry about. All that means is that there is someone in the world that looks a lot like you. It could be a twin if you do have one or just someone that makes people think of you a lot.

Many cultures contained the mythology of spirit doubles that could be traced as far back as thousands of years. This lead to doppelgangers being an important place in ancient legends, artworks, stories and even in books written by various authors. Doppelganger, is probably the most well-known reference still used to describe spirit doubles or ‘alter-egos’ and it is still used in today’s world to refer to a person that is physically or even behaviourally similar to another person.

Sometimes the doppelganger or ‘evil twin’ may attempt to provide advice to the person that they shadow but not always is the advice sound or true, it may be malicious and misleading. Many are advised to avoid communication with their doppelganger as many times they might attempt to put sinister idea’s in their victims heads and cause great confusion.

Two doppelganger’s meeting by chance, will truly make one question the laws of the universe.

Someone, somewhere, could possibly exist that bears a remarkable resemblance to you including the tiniest of details like hairy toes, or the fact that you are left-handed.

Could they be sitting reading the exact article, rubbing their chin in complete sync with you and wondering if they to have a lookalike?

Real Life Doppelgangers

We are simultaneously intrigued and amazed that thanks to the internet, some people have actually met their match while there are some others that are not fortunate enough to meet their real-life doppelganger.

Regardless of how some of these people have connected with their doppelgangers, whether it was by virtual meeting, through works of art or even in real life, it may seem creepy but yes the phenomenon is real. Your doppelganger may be closer than you think.

This girl accidentally met her doppelganger after going to college in Germany

Ciara and Cordelia. Not entirely sure which is which (Picture: Facebook/Twin Strangers)

Ciara said: ‘When I was going on nights out, people were starting to ask me did I come here with a sister, or a twin. Incredibly these girls aren’t related, didn’t grow up in the same country, and only met after going to study in Germany.

Santana Gutierrez (right), 17, met her doppelganger (left) at San Diego’s Fashion Valley Mall and posed for a photo next to her.

Woman accidentally finds her twin stranger – on Instagram

But Amanda Fisher and Meredith Pond are not twins – they are complete strangers.

Niamh Geaney launched a 28-day challenge called Twin Strangers to find her closest living lookalike and she found two.

Another perfect look-alike, Luisa

Twin Strangers / Via youtube.com


Meet Prince George’s Canadian Doppelgänger!


Seems like Prince George’s doppelgänger has been discovered accidentally , and they really look alike!

The identical strangers who met within five minutes of joining a doppelganger website

Jennifer, 33, from Spring, Texas, was stunned by her uncanny resemblance to Ambra, 23, from Fayetteville, North Carolina. She was matched with her within five minutes of joining the website Twin Strangers.

The man who met his doppelganger after moving to a new neighborhood

Retired priest Neil Richardson, 69, moved to Braintree, Essex 18 months ago, only to find he was constantly greeted with smiles, waves and the words “Hello, John.”

He didn’t realize he was the spitting image of John Jemison, 74. When the doppelgangers finally bumped into each other, they found they’d been to the same college, had both been teachers, and had plenty more in common. (Source)

How likely it is to find your doppelganger?

Folk wisdom believes that somewhere out there, is a person who is a perfect replica of you, with your father’s nose, mother’s eyes and that mole that you plan on removing. This belief has been the subject of many of the oldest known works of literature and has grasped the minds of popular imagination for millennia. It has also been known to inspire works of poets and has also been known to scare some queens to death.

Our planet has over seven billion people so there might just be some truth to the fact that there is someone out there that has your face as well. Some might find it silly but what would happen could impact your life drastically. The answer to whether there are people that lookalike is way more complicated than you might think.

Dr Dainele Podini, who is a forensic scientist and expert in facial recognition at George Washington University in Washington, has said that the way we see people’s faces, is generally based on our life experiences.

Each individual reads faces in different ways. Some may start at the eyes and the move to the mouth and nose while others may begin at the nose then down to the mouth and then the eyes. How we move between features, completely changes the way we view a face.

The context of a person heavily influences our perception of people’s similarities. If some people have the same build or matching haircuts or clothing, we automatically think they look similar. This is known as verification bias and it happens when we find one thing that makes sense and bend everything else to fit the mental image we have.

There is a sliding scale of how well we can process identity and this is shown through the fact that some people can suffer for ‘face blindness’ or prosopagnosia.

Scientists now believe that we are living in a multiverse where there are infinite possibilities and more ‘Earths’, where identical versions of ourselves may be living lives that differ ever so slightly from the one we live. For example one identical copy of you has already read this story and moved on and the other may yet be opening the first page.

Other real life Doppelgangers found by photographer Francois Brunelle

A photographer from Montreal, named Francois Brunelle, had a unique exhibition of portraits of people who resembled each other but shared no biological link whatsoever. The effect was incredible but the stranger thing was that his subjects didn’t think they look similar at all.

He has an ongoing project called I’m not a look-alike and the project has been around for the last 14 years. The project is where he takes black and white portraits of unrelated doppelgangers and to date he has found over 230 look-alikes. Most people have found him and his project via his website or social media.

Much respect to Brunell – great project. Enjoy the work and let him know if you find another pair.

Nina-Rose Singh, Anna Rubin

Marie-Chantal, Perron Nancy

Carmen Apitzsch, Kerstin Rubin

Marie Johnson, Isabelle Péladeau

Rudi Kistler, Maurus Oehman

Marcel Stepanoff, Ludovic Maillard

Morgan Bowden, Imogen Rawe

Maurus Oehman and Rudi Kistler

Stéphane Morin, Claude-Simon Langlois

Ian Perrreault, Alain Roberge

What is a doppelganger finder?

An application or software program that is designed to match people from a database that look similar is called a doppelganger finder.

How to find your doppleganger?

There are only a few tools that can help us during those times we sit and wonder if we have a twin across the world and here they are:

Best Tools to Find Your Twin

Doppelganger website will help you find your look-alike anywhere in the world.


An Irish website https://twinstrangers.net, is the one that will connect you with your doppelganger and find them anywhere in the world. You simply upload your photo and choose your facial features and see people who have done the same and connect with them. It’s that simple. If you’d like your profile to stay on their site for up to six months, all you have to do is pay a small fee of $3.95. You may just find that your look-alike was looking for you to, if you lucky, and maybe even get the chance to come face to face with them. That will definitely be a meeting neither one of you will forget.


This website will tell you whether you and the person you’re comparing yourself to are actually twins or not. All you have to do is simply upload a picture of the person along with yours and the tool will tell you in a percentage, how much you match each other. We did an experiment between Mark Wahlberg and Matt Damon and they were a 47% match. We have also tried uploading different pictures of the same person and they have come out matching 100%, so we know that it works. Another fun thing to do is use online pics of celebrities to find out whether you look like one of them.


This website has generally been the more popular one to finding your twin. It’s still pretty reliable. All you have to do is register and upload a clear facial picture of yourself or take one via the webcam option. Once you have done that and set up your account with you age and location, the website will begin showing you people who look like you the most.





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